Cheese Making Equipment

Cheese Making Equipment available from Katherine Mowbray Craft Cheese Maker

Exclusive high quality cheese making equipment. Ceramic cheese mould & wooden press, traditional Feta and Ricotta wooden frames and Camembert ...

Exclusive high quality cheese making equipment from Kowhai Cheese
Cheese makingequipmentis not readily available in NZ. It is expensive to bring into the country, so I have designed some exclusive hand crafted pieces of equipment to make the process more simple.

The Cheese Store


Made from untreated plywood and hold 2 cheeses.
$120 Contact me to place order

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The Cheesepress and Ceramic Cheese Mould


Deep blue ceramic, round cheese mould and free standing screw down cheese press. Ideal for making Cheddar. Approx. 10 litres milk.
$200 Contact me to place order


The Wooden Feta / Halloumi and Ricotta Frame
(Set of two sold together)


Solid wood square frame with fitted wooden cover. Traditionally fetta and halloumi are made in wooden frames, similar to these. The large frame is ideal for approx. 10 litres and the small frame for three litres or the ricotta from the whey. Make soft cheese the traditional way. Specially designed for Feta cheese and Ricotta cheese to allow drainage and keep the cheese in the best shape for serving.
$130 Contact me to place order

Please contact us to place an order for the Wooden Press and Ceramic Mould, the Cheese Store and the Wooden Feta / Halloumi and Ricotta Frames.

Some other cheesemaking equiptment is available to purchase at the cheese courses only!

Starter cheese kits and cheese accessories

We only offer our services and the cheese making equipment shown for sale on this page. So source your cheese culture, rennet, starter cheese kits and cheese accessories from these companys below:

Cuisine Accessory Company
P.O. BOX 147 285
Ponsonby 1144
New Zealand
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Telephone: +64 9 376 3055

Or in Australia
Home Cheesemaking Supplies
P.O. Box 146
Little River
Telephone/fax: +61 (03) 5283 1396



My name is Katherine Mowbray and I have been making cheese for 20 years, and sharing my knowledge and love of cheesemaking courses around New Zealand. Now you too can share my knowledge and try some of my favourite recipes in your own home.


You will be able to purchase Kowhai Cheesemaking Equipment on the day of your course.

Cheesemaking Book - Cutting The Curd by Katherine Mowbray

My book, Cutting the Curd with Katherine Mowbray, sets out as simply as possible the basic principles behind cheesemaking and explains some of my favourite recipes, so that you can enjoy all the wonderful cheeses you can make. Click here for samples from the book and more information.